About Love(r)

Welcome to Love(r), the intimate brain-child of Clara Lawryniuk.

Love(r)’s mission statement:

  • To explore intimacy in all it’s forms (physical, emotional, sexual, romantic, relational and even intimacy with one’s self) through frank and nuanced discussions about sex, relationships, love, romance, gender issues, subjective experiences, healthy communication and self-advocacy.

Who I am:

  • I am a writer, an artist and a person who strives to cultivate healthy intimacy throughout my life.
  • I am pansexual: I am physically attracted to, and romantically interested in, people all along the sex/gender spectrum. I love men, I love women, I love trans-people, I love all of you who aren’t sure what sort of box you fit into, or those that don’t even have a box. I myself am a cis-woman with many gender-fluid tendencies.
  • I am polyamorous: I love to love and may have one or multiple meaningful sexual/romantic relationships going on simultaneously at any given time. I may be a “slut”, but I strive to be an ethical one.
  • Sex and intimacy (along with linguistics and evolutionary psychology) are some my favorite topics of discussion. Because I feel so passionately about them I want to pass along what I have learned in the hopes that it helps others and ignites reflection and discussion.
  • I am a deeply empathetic person, which in itself can be a gift and a challenge. This ability has lead me to often inhabit the role of confidant, provide emotional support to others and to be frequently sought out for advice. The point being that everything I share on this blog would be consuming my thoughts anyways,  so I might as well attempt to do something constructive with them.
  • I am a huge nerd and pervert living in Seattle, Washington, who shares my dope life with the most amazing companions.

Please feel welcome to write me with your questions, concerns, thoughts, stories and experiences. I would genuinely love to read them and may use them with your permission for future blog posts.

Email: theintimacyblog @ gmail . com 

Twitter: @TheIntimacyBlog

To see what else Clara is up to, check out her website: clarakeepswriting.com